Food for Homeless

Food for Homeless covers several areas of discussion. Providing food for them, what they eat, farming food for them or themselves, etc. We'll try to cover all aspects of this on here.

Person holding a vine bunch of ripe tomatoes

Providing food for them is generally in the areas of food banks, charities, etc. that have various outlets like soup kitchens, etc. to help actually feed the homeless. Many of todays' restaurants are much more concerned about the homeless and provide extra food or food already prepared, that will go to waste if not donated to a organization, that  can use it to feed the homeless. This is a good reason you see so many homeless gravitate towards larger population areas. More restaurants means the ability to get food - a life saving resource.

What types of foods do homeless get for themselves or can actually save or store is another area of concern. Most homeless people do not have any means to preserve refrigerated food, so any type of dairy, uncooked meat, refrigerated type food is just not a good thing to handout to homeless. Theft is another area of concern within the homeless communities so they can usually only keep a small amount of food within their possession. Some great examples of food that is best for just handing out to a homeless person would be: Water, Pretzels -especially with peanut butter, trail mix with fruit - without chocolate, bananas, mandarin oranges (easy to peal), crackers, veggie type chips, etc. 

2 people farming in a field of vegetables

Agriculture food for homeless is what our Mission is about. There are two aspects of this - growing food for the homeless or having the homeless grow their own food for themselves.

Growing Us Home is trying to provide the second aspect - teaching and providing a means for homeless to actually grow their own food - and therefore become self sufficient and even help others with their excess farm grown food.

Some farms and agricultural companies provide food for the homeless right from their farms with overproduction and even sparing a portion of their harvest to food banks, charities, etc.

Food for Homeless on a Working Farm

2 children with an adult looking at a farm field of vegetables

We strongly believe in helping the homeless learn how to farm and provide them the means to grow food on their own farm and become self sufficient in that process. This would also be food for homeless on so many levels! Our goal as a non profit is to have an agricultural farm and housing for the homeless. From this simple concept, we can then grow and start providing this through our organization throughout the country. Homeless can live on a working farm while learning how to grow crops and feed themselves and others.

Today, many homeless people are families with children. Providing a safe environment for homeless people and families on an agricultural farm, learning how to farm and raise their own food!! That's a win-win for everyone!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support.

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