Help with Housing for Homeless

Help with Housing for Homeless is an ongoing need. We'll discuss various ways and services that are available to help homeless people.

First, we'll discuss those that are facing an eminent crisis of losing their home. Hopefully, that person or family stills has access to a phone or a computer. There's a great organization across the country that is considered the "Front Door" of getting help. It's called the Continuum of Care (CoC). It's through HUD and provides a mapping system. Once on the site, you input your address and then it will show various agencies that may be able to help.

Another great service is to dial 2-1-1. This is not totally available throughout the US, but certainly worth a try. Again, if connected, they will help you find temporary housing or a shelter, food, health care and other social services.

Another great place is to go to the local county community health care or social services headquarters. Perhaps a local church, a non-profit thrift store and or a food bank. All these types of facilities are very helpful and understanding of your needs. Most important point is to not wait until you are forced out of your home. Homelessness happens to the best of us, for just about any reason or circumstance. Don't wait. Seek help as soon as you feel the need.

Homeless family living on street in bus stop shelter

Secondly, we want to discuss help for those that are already homeless and living day-by-day somewhere. Usually, it is best to go to a county, state or federal help center. They will try to assess your needs and situation first and then do their best to provide the help you need. Perhaps you have a part time job, but live in a shelter that's too far? Need protection for your family? Many of these agencies will ask you personal questions, but it is necessary to help determine the best way to help. Be honest and many times, if resources are available, they will find you a better situation.

Some areas - especially large cities and metropolitan areas just don't have the facilities or the funds to help. Many of the homeless people in those areas are literally stuck living on the street in tents or temporary shelters. This can create a very dangerous environment for a family with children. If this happens to you, try to seek out an area where you see other children or families so you can help protect each other.

Food is always a problem for the homeless. Many don't have the means to keep it refrigerated or safe. Two programs that are available for people with children are WIC and also SNAP provides funds for nutritious food. Go to their websites and see if you can qualify for additional help from these agencies.

Help with Housing for Homeless is a difficult challenge

Help with housing for homeless is a very difficult challenge. Our Mission at Growing Us Home is to be one of the solutions for this crisis. Our goal is to generate funds so we can purchase land to build housing and farms throughout the country for a full circle method of helping the homeless - housing, working on a farm raising food and providing food.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support.

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